[GB] Lunar Landing2 Deskmat
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Ground control to Major Corgo. Don your space suits and join this adventurous Corgi in a cute take of Lunar Landing. 

Designed with clean vectors highlighting a fusion of an MX style switch and a lunar module alongside a floating. Corgi relaxing in the surface of the moon. 

- Input Universe


Cloth Top Material

Rubber Bottom Material

Stitched Edge Design

Non-Slip Design

Smooth and Comfortable Feel

High-Definition Prints

Affordable Price

High-Quality Materials

Machine Washable (gentle washing only)


900mm x 400mm x 4mm

Manufactured by Zion Studios PH | Kulermats

GB Start: August 16, 2021

GB End: September 16, 2021

Estimate shipping: Q4, 2021

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