[In-stock] MG MCR Horseman ABS Doubleshot Custom Keycap Set
110.00 USD

The MCR keycaps profile designed from the original profile of Cherry. We enlarged the overall size a little, so the actual finger contact surface is bigger, also we make them more round and higher.

Of course ,MCR is still similar to the original Cherry Profile, ABS material and Doubleshot legends, medium thickness, it's basically no much difference from GMK for typing. But with more delicate surface treatment and a brand new unique fonts, so the recognition will be better than others.

The theme of the MCR "Horseman", which is derived from "leather", It draws on the colors of equestrian sports and Nappa leather. There are three sets of matching colors, which are soft and beautiful. You can choose freely according to your favor.

  • Produced by Melgeek
  • Designed by Muni
  • MG profile
  • ABS plastic material
  • Doubleshot legends
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones