Tromoso PCB guide

22 Aug 2021

IKKI68 Aurora

Tromso PCB Instructions

General info

USB supports up to 1000HZ real report rate. 

Support CtoC interface (only suitable for C-port keyboard)Both USB and Bluetooth modes support NKRO.

It can run on Win, Android, 1inux, Apple (shortcut key switch required) and other operating systems.

No EEPROM memory, Flash memory backlight mode.

Lighting Effects

All switch light effects support global control: brightness increase/decrease (a total of 5 levels default to the fifth level), speed (a total of 5 levels default to the third level).

FN + ↑: Increase brightness of the keyboard, 5 levels in total

FN + ↓: Reduce brightness of the keyboard is reduced, 5 levels in total

FN + →: Speed up the lighting effect, 5 levels in total

FN + ←: Slowed downs the speed of the lighting effect, 5 levels in total

The above control methods support long-press continuous adjustment, single-press once to adjust a level, and long-press to continuously adjust more than one level. When the limit value is reached, the indicator will flash 5 times.

Detailed description of lighting effects:

FN+O: switch light backlight switch

FN+Z: switch lighting effect switch, supports 17 kinds of effects.

FN+X: Backlight color switch

FN+C: LOGO lighting effect switch

FN+V: LOGO switch

FN+B: LOGO color switch

Bluetooth/USB wired settings

FN+P (short press) Bluetooth/USB wired mode switch. (The full key light flashes white for 5 seconds)

FN+P (long press for 5 seconds) to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. The P key keeps flashing white during pairing, and stops flashing after the pairing is successful.

FN+Q/W/E/R/T supports storing 5 sets of Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth connection method

Turn on the switch below the space (the direction is up to turn on, and it is not necessary to turn it off if it is not used for a long time after it is turned on. The standby power consumption is very low).

FN+P (short press) to switch to Bluetooth mode.

Select one of the Bluetooth groups through FN+Q/W/E/R/T,

Long press FN+P for 5 seconds, at this time the P key continues to flash, indicating that it has entered the Bluetooth pairing mode

The computer/mobile phone searches for and connects to the device. After the connection is successful, the P key stops flashing and is completed.

If using Bluetooth connection, please switch the keyboard to Bluetooth mode, if using a data cable connection, please switch the keyboard to USB wired mode. Otherwise, the keyboard cannot be used normally.

FN combinations:

FN+Esc: = `

FN+Shift+ESC = ~

FN + (1 to +) = F1 to F12

FN+Y = Print Screen

FN+U = Scroll Lock

FN+I = Pause

FN+H = Insert

FN+J = Home

FN+ K = Page Up

FN+N = Delete

FN+M = End

FN+, = Page Down

FN+S = MAC system

FN+A = WIN system

FN+P = Bluetooth settings

FN+WIN = lock/unlock the WIN key

FN+DEL =  backlight setting

FN+Left CTRL = Switch between F area and number keys cyclically

FN+Spacebar = Long press 3S to restore factory settings


Plug in the USB cable to automatically charge

When charging, the single backlight below the space bar lights up.

After full charging, the backlight under the space bar will turn off.

If there is no operation for 1 minute, the keyboard backlight will automatically turn off and enter sleep mode (save power). Press any key to wake it up