IKKI68 Aurora Build considerations

8 Aug 2021

Please do check following or attached file before build a IKKI68 Aurora.

Things to keep in mind while assembling the Ikki68 Aurora

1. Screw the case screws on slowly and gently. Do not screw too tight. There’s a 1mm gap between the top and the bottom case by design. Attempting to screw too tight will result in breaking the plastic around the screw.

2. Please make sure that the internal parts are installed correctly and at the right places before screwing the top and bottom case together. The two cases shouldn’t need any force to close together, so if you find yourself needing a lot of force to screw them together you should take another look at the internals.

Installation steps:

a. Insert Type-C port of the PCB through the cutout in the bottom case first.

b. Make sure the plate + PCB sits on the bottom case properly

c. Put the top case on the bottom case

d. Flip the keyboard over and screw them together gently. Keep an eye on the gap and try to make sure        it’s even all the way around.

3. Use only one type of gasket. Either all silicone, or all poron. Please do not mix and match as it might result in an uneven gap between parts of the case.

4. Standoffs are for the default Aluminum plate only. Other plates do not require them.

5. If you are using the Tromso (Bluetooth) PCB, you have to cut a section of the silicone dampening pad between the plate and the PCB to make room for the physical Bluetooth switch on the PCB. The section you need to cut is highlighted in red below.

6. The optional brass weight uses two different lengths of screws to attach to the bottom case. The longer 8mm screws are used for part of the weight closer to the back, and the shorter 6mm screws are used for part of the weight closer to the front of the keyboard.