Updates and news Hot-swap PCB shortage and order delay.

29 Apr 2021

Hello everyone 

Sorry to ping you guys. There were a mistake about hot-swap PCBs on our end.

I know there is few ppl who asked me and "Shipping and order" to hold the order for gasket kit and we did reserved a box of hot-swap PCB.

But we found out that the box was solderable PCB and there were some miscounting about hot-swap PCB stock.

So sorry for this happening, the held order for hot-swap PCBs are also get affect from hot-swap PCB shortage issue.

As we announced the hot-swap PCBs will be in stock later than gasket kit. We will sending out those order as soon as we get the hot-swap PCB but meanwhile if you want refund please let me or "Shipping and order" know.

I'll keep posting about hot-swap PCBs.

Thank you.