Sangeo60 In-stock Sales information

27 Jul 2021

Sangeo60 will sales will be start in 30th July 11:00am KST(29th July 10:00PM EST)

There will be a Youtube video by 3ildcat.

In-stock sales

Vendor : World wide - Monstargear

Estimate Price : $360

Kit include

    - Housing(Aluminium)

    - Alu plate(blue anodise)

    - PVD coated brass weight(Blue)

    - Foam type gasket pad(Poron)

    - mute foam btw plate and PCB(Dz60 foam made by KBDfans)

    - Keyboard hard case(bag)

    - DZ60 solderable PCB

    - Cute stickers

    - Coiled cable(Black or white)


Typing Angle : 7˚

Colour option

Anodise - Black, Grey

E-coat - White(+$10)

Housing : Aluminium 6063

Weight : Blue PVD coat brass(No color option)

Keyboard weight : 1.7kg(poker)(without switches, PCB and keycaps)

    Saneo60 support universal 60% PCB and plate is design to use most of them.

You can see more picture on our Discord #sangeo60 channel.