Delay on QMK XO hot-swap PCB

22 Jun 2021
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I am so sorry to say this but we have a problem on the XO QMK hot-swap PCB.

During QC on our side we found LED issues.

We checked from the manufacturer and found out that some LEDs has damaged during the manufacturing process.

We are sending it back to the manufacturer to replace all the LEDs on the PCBs.

The Manufacture said it will take about a week but I think that will take more than a week.

I am so sorry for the continuous delay.

I know there are a lot of people who ordered from and from us waiting for the PCB to arrive.

If you don't want to wait any longer, I can suggest two things.

1. Change to solderable PCB and get a refund for the difference.

2. Get a full refund.

Once again I'm so sorry for the long waiting and delay.

P.S - For those who like to use other PCB, check this GB(Reddit link)

And if you want we can just refund you the PCB from your order.

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