Announcements XO v3 update

19 Nov 2020
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Here is some bad news and good news.

The good news is we got the housing and selling date has sattled.

In-stock sales

25th Nov 4pm KST - 260 units(130 color each)

26th Nov 3am KST(25th 1pm EST) - 260 units(130 color each)

(Navy/white, White/Navy)

Navy/black drop - 27th Nov 11am KST - 70 units

All sales are FCFS and product page will be uploaded on our web on Tuesday(24th Nov)

The shipping will be started form 9th Dec

(If you choose stainless steel weight it will be sent out in 22th Dec)


There is bad news about the weight

The PVD coat on v3 weight has some flaws(

We've requested double QC to our manu and we paid much more for that than last time but still there is some flaws.

So we decide to give you guys a options.

There will be two option for XO v3 weight.

1. Brass weight(It might have some flaw as shown on the picture)

2. Stainless steel weight(

 (I'll add more picture on the product page)

Please let us know which weight do you want(

You can also order extra weight if you want.

The extra parts(weight, PCB, plate) will be on our web in 24th Nov


Housing - $435(No difference btw color ways)

(Brass plate, weight, solderable PCB is included. Hot-swap will cost $10 more)

Plate - Brass, Stainless steel - $35

          - FR4 - $25

PCB - Solder $75

         - Hot swap $85

Weight - Brass / Stainless steel  -  $45

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