Announcements Shipping method and cost update

18 Nov 2020
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From 18th November, all shipping will be consider as priority shipping without extra payment.

(Previous basic shipping price on our web was a economy shipping)

If you don't want to use priority shipping please let me know.(Only if you are in EU, Middle East, South Africa)

Even we now use priority shipping, the depends on the weights and location price is lower than last time

(last time was a economy shipping).

If FedEx resume their economy shipping, we might lower the price again and make option for upgrade to priority.

If there is shipping cost difference, we will refund you the shipping difference for the GB and Pre-order item you've made before.

The order has sent out on Monday will also get a shipping cost refund if there is difference.

(Refund could take some time)

I'm so glad we got better offer from FedEx and I think with you guys supports it was possible we could manage to get better offer from them.

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