WS Aurora stabilizers
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19.00 USD

Stabilizer for 1.2mm PCB Designed by Wuque Studio

(Check compatibility below. This stabilizer is only for 1.2mm thick PCB)

No wire pop-up since it’s designed to be clipped in from the bottom

Comes with PCB mounting pads and Teflon adhesive strips already cut to size to make holee modding easier. 

You can have a tight fit to minimize rattle without spending a lot of time on it.

Kit include : 4 x 2u, 1 x 6.25u stabilizers, Tapron tape, Poron washer/pad

Screws for stabiliers, PC clear screw washer

Compatible PCB list (1.2mm)

PCB05 and PCB06 for Aurora

Vega, Jelly Epoch, Mr. Suit, Mode Sixty Five

Thermal, Meridian, Polaris, Fuji75, Ginkgo65