Monstargear Sangeo60 custom DIY keyboard Drop
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360.00 USD

Extra & B-stock drop

We marked main flaws of B-stocks, there may be other flaws we missed to mark.

There are three types of arrows for marking flaws.

Each color will be selling in same price and it's all random.

Red - Can't be cover or fixed with re-anodizing

Yellow - May cover with re-anodizing the housing

Green - Can cover with re-anodizing or hard to notice

Even if it's red, we don't think it's huge dent or scratch. The color is just for a mark to distinguish the issue.

We do not expect refund nor return by appearance flaws, but we will still except return and issue a refund for usage issues.

To get a Sangeo60 top housing only please check here

(Also drop in 20th oct)

Sangeo means shark in Korean.

Our Sangeo is inspired from the sharks fin, offers nice curve design.


Typing Angle : 7˚

Front height: 20mm

Colour option

Anodise - Black, Grey

E-coat - White(+$10)

Housing : Aluminium 6063

Weight : Blue PVD coat brass(No color option)

Keyboard weight: 1.4kg(Without switches and keycaps)

Kit include

    - Housing(Aluminium)

    - Alu plate(blue anodise)

    - PVD coated brass weight(Blue)

    - Foam type gasket pad(Poron)

    - mute foam btw plate and PCB(Dz60 foam made by KBDfans)

    - Keyboard hard case(bag)

    - DZ60 solderable PCB

    - Cute stickers

    - Coiled cable(Black or white)

Sangeo is in-stock item but may take some time to ship(4~7days)

No need to order Gasket foam or pad unless you want an extra

Download link for Sangeo60 plate.