Monstargear XO K80 PC
330.00 USD 380.00 USD

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XO K80 pc

Mount - Gasket mount

Angle - 7˚

Weight - Brass weight with hairline, glossy antique PVD coat.

Plate - Aluminium(Can use new XO v2 brass plate)

housing - PC(polycarbonate)

Manufactured in Korea



VIA config

USB Typ-c


Underglow LED

ESD protection

Can't use indicator



QMK key mapping

USB Typ-c


Underglow LED

ESD protection

You can order extra plate here : Extra Plate

You need to buy switches, keycaps, stabilizers in order to use as a keyboard.

No switches, keycaps, stabilizers are included to the kit. The image it an example

Can control LED with our own program

To map a key you need to use QMK toolbox

 make Hex file through here:

You need to upload new firmware before use.

Please read "how to map" before upload the firmware

Hot swap board use VIA config check "XO QMK VIA file"

eDue to it is limited item, except the major functional issue we do not take any refund and returns for this product.