SPRiT Designs MX Slow Extreme Springs

SPRiT  MX  Supreme Springs    -   World Premier Systematic Production  since 2013


Supreme 'S' Series  v4.x   -   It's not Magic, It's Science  

Supreme 1% Tolerance Precision  

Made of the best custom ordered materials from Japan and Korea

100springs = 1pack

Slow Extreme

55 S  SLOW  (Actuation 45cN)   Slow rate, Slow force increase 

60 S  SLOW  (Actuation 50cN)  Revival of v1.x   Slow rated as Gateron Yellows

63.5 S  SLOW  [Shinken 真剣 ダナ Edition]   Slow rate, Slow force increase

68 S  SLOW  -  Extreme Edition.  Starts at 45g.  v4.3 since Mar 2020

72 S  SLOW  Extreme  -  Starts at 50g,  Optimized for Tactiles, Linears and Clickies.  

78 S  SLOW  Extreme  -  Starts at 53g,  Optimized for Tactiles, Linears and Clickies. 

Slow Extreme II  

55 S  SLOW  Extreme II  -  Starts at 38g

Higher initial force and slower force increase.

60 S  SLOW  Extreme II  -  Starts at 42g,  

Slower and flatter curved than 60 S Extreme I

63.5  SLOW  Extreme II  -  Starts at 44.5g

65 S  SLOW  Extreme II  -  Starts at 45g

68 S  SLOW  Extreme II  -  Starts at 47g

72 S  SLOW  Extreme II  -  Starts at 50g 

78 S  SLOW  Extreme II  -  Starts at 55g