Monstar Co.,Ltd. is a venture company that develops and manufactures tuning parts for custom water-cooled PC and also assemble premium PC. “Monstar” means “Great Star”. Monstar work hard to become a new star in PC market by presenting new another possibility about assemble PC and custom PC.

 Monstar develops and sells high-end custom water-cooled PCs, Gaming Gears, and Audio Equipment based on our own technology. In addition, Monstar is an official import partner of RAIJINTEK and Zealios. Through years of experience in water cooling products and collaboration with German engineers, Monstar able to professional manufactures high quality custom tuning parts and products.


Monstar GEAR

Gaming Gear's Brand 

Monstar Gear is a gaming gear brand that do researches and develops gaming gear, peripheral devices, and water-cooling PC’s tuning parts suitable for needs of consumers. We try to make a new computer lifestyle in computer market, with high performance but cost-effectiveness and also consider about emotional design too.

In particular, the Monstar Gear’s custom keyboard is a true tuning keyboard that allows consumers to change the switches and keycaps on their own style so that everyone can easily create their own DIY keyboard. 

Monstar PC

Hi-end Premium PC's brand


Monstar Co., Ltd. has been producing and selling custom water-cooled PCs for more than 3 years by requesting designs and specifications that users want under the Monstar PC brand. Monstar PC is professional assemble custom water-cooling PCs with gorgeous design and powerful performance. In particular, Monstar design and produce tuning parts such as coolant, water block, and cable etc. which are the core parts of water-cooling PCs, and related parts for custom tuning. 

Devil X and other Monstar's PCs are carefully assembled by professional engineers. Through 1:1 chat, consumers can create their own PC through concept coordination. Even though, Monstar PC is unavailable for international shipping but Monstar PC’s experiences and know-hows about custom PC can guarantee that Monstar’s products been manufactured in real high quality.