[In stock drop]Hammerworks CPR C64
50.00 USD

In stock drop of CRP C64

Drop date : 9th of June(00:01 KST) ~ until sold out

PBT dye sub keycap made and design by Hammerworks

Inspired by the original Commodore 64 keycaps,we redesigned the graphics codes, variegated them and reveal them by side print on keycaps.To ensure the accuracy, this dye-sublimated keycaps set in Classic Reissue Profile(CRP) will be manufactured by Hammer Works. Furthermore, there are specially designed original-style artisan keycaps by Buger, which also made by Hammer Works.
Together, we also prepared the BBox60 assembled case in retro gray-green and deskmat 2 colors available.

(Artisan keycap can't be ordered by itself)


Cherry(steped CapsLock) is added to 80's kit