Purple Potato switch
7.50 USD

"Purple Potato" is a paragraph switch with a very beautiful color.

 It has an extended spring of 63.5g. The extended spring is characterized by moderate pressing force but strong rebound, which will make your percussion feel very feedback. , But it will not make you tired easily.

   They've got a small amount of pre-travel and a large, round bump, akin to other high end tactile switches, but the purple potato switch has been improved on this basis, and this kind of feel will make you more comfortable.

housing and Stem are made of POM, 

kailh uses the latest technology to minimize the noise when POM rubs.

   Both his housings and Stem are very strong, without shaking, and very stable.

Material: POM House and POM Stem

Springs: 63.5g  18mm Extension spring 


Tactile like Holy panda 

Total trip :4.00mm±0.4mm 

Trigger trip:2.00mm±0.4mm

Produced by Kailh

1 order = 10 switches