Alphakeys Dusk Panda Switch

1 quantity = 10 switches


Group Buy start date: 20/11/20 

Estimated ship date: 3 Months After Group Buy Ends

Orange Dusk Panda:

- Orange POM Tactile stem (custom)

- Custom stem (NOT a Halo or YOK Purple stem, similar to T1)

- 5 Pin

- Full PC smokey housing

- 67g (bottom out) spring

- Designed by AlphaKeys, Manufactured by BSUN

Blue Dusk Panda:

- Blue POM Linear stem

- 5 Pin

- Full PC smokey housing

- 62g (bottom out) spring

- Designed by AlphaKeys, Manufactured by BSUN

(There might be some changes. Until Alphakey confirm, Blue Dusk will not be available)

$5 for week 1, $5.5 after (all in USD) 

 Please note that while the final product will have a BSUN logo, the samples pictured above do not.


North America: alphakeys

Australia: Daily clack  

Europe: Proto[Typist]

Asia: Monstargear

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Also the images on product page is sample images. It could have small color difference.

So actual product and images might not 100% same. 

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