This file is free to open for personal use only

(In case you want you open up GB or making profit please contact us first)

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Sangeo65 plate file

Here are the plate file for the Sangeo65 in case you guys want to make your own.

Our plate don't have the hot-swap stand-off holes and I personally think it's fine with out it and if necessary you can use two vent holes to install the stand-off.

But just in case someone who want to make plate more flexible and using hot-swap I recommend to use the file with the hot-swap holes.

I tested with alu plate and as long as you install switches tightly, it won't be too much problem without those stand-off.

If you want to sell or open up a community GB the Sangeo65 plate please contact me first.

P.S- Monstargear is not responsible with the result of using that file. We clearly used same file and had no issues at all. But there is a difference btw factories and may have some tolerance difference. Our Sangeo65 has very small tolerance, no more than 0.075mm, over 0.1mm tolerance may cause issues.