Autumn Rain Switch (1pcs)
0.69 USD

These lovely switches were designed during a rainy autumn by Aregs Keyboard and Suixin Studio. Inspired by BCP/Creampacas frankenswitches, Autumn Rain switch has a long pole and an extended stem.

The stem is made of JWK's P3 material which makes the switch smoother during pressing and reduces the leaf scratch compared to the conventional POM material. The coefficient of friction coefficient of POM is 0.3, compared to 0.05 for the P3

Linear switch

No factory lube

Top housing material: Nylon

Bottom housing material: Mixed nylon

Stem material: JWK P3 (long pole)

Spring: 63.5g extended spring.

Bottom out force: 63.5g

5-pin PCB mount

3.7mm travel distance

2.0mm actuation distance

Manufacturer: JWK

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