[GB] IKKI68 AURORA - Stargaze edition DIY Kit [Limited edition]
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IKKI68 AURORA x Stargaze 

ePBT Stargaze GB information link

Please do check IKKI68 Aurora Build considerations before build a IKKI68 Aurora. 

(Link to IKKI68 Aurora Build considerations)

Due to production limit, Aurora x Stargaze will be limited to 1000 housing.

40 housing is available on Monstargear website.

(Each vendor has different amounts of PnC)

Group Buy starts: July 14, 2021
Group Buy ends: Aug 15, 2021
ETA to Vendors: TBD

Kit include

1x Ikki68 Aurora x PnC case1x Multi-layout hot swap QMK PCB (Fairbanks)
1x Hotswap Namebadge set1x Default Aluminum plate
1x Poron Gaskets Set1x Silicone dampening pad between PCB & case
1x Silicon Gaskets Set1x Silicone dampening pad between PCB & plate
1x Keyboard storage case1x Stargaze Themed Stabs set(6+1*6.25)
1x Coiled USB cableExtra screws, diodes, sockets, keyboard feet, hex screwsriver

The GB will continue on to those dates, or until we have reached the limit.

Total Limit : 1000